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Set the clock from the Linux command line

If you want to set the date from the Linux command line, you can use the date command: sudo date nnddhhmmyy where nn is the monthdd is the dayhh is the hourmm is the minuteyy is the year For example, date 080717292009 would set the date to August the 7th, 17:29, 2009.

Custom clock in GNOME

Want a customized clock and date applet display in the GNOME Panel? Open gconf-editor and go to apps > panel > clock_screen0 > prefs. Edit the format field and type custom in it. Now, in the custom_format field type <span color=”#333333″>%a %d %b</span> <b>%H:%M</b> If you are interested in CISSP then go through 70-640 dumps… Read More »