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Custom clock in GNOME

Want a customized clock and date applet display in the GNOME Panel? Open gconf-editor and go to apps > panel > clock_screen0 > prefs. Edit the format field and type custom in it. Now, in the custom_format field type

<span color=”#333333″>%a %d %b</span> <b>%H:%M</b>

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  1. Alex.O


    In my system (Ubuntu 8.10) I have the following path for clock_screen0:
    apps > panel > applets > clock_screen0 > prefs

    Also it works only without ‘span’ tags in the “custom format” field:
    %a %d %b %H:%M


  2. Weird, I have 8.10 and mine is not there. One day I will get to the bottom of this…. screen cap here: http://eroticpenguin.com/ubuntu-gnome-clock-change

  3. Tom

    I changed the clock like explained here, but instead of clored text and bold text, I see the HTML tags in the clock area (Ubuntu 8.10)

  4. T4L

    I also use Ubuntu 8.10. If you follow the steps it should work. Check the settings again pls.

  5. AJ

    I couldn’t find the applet prefs as per the instructions above, either, but I did find it eventually.

    In 8.10 this is how I managed to find the custom settings for the clock applet:

    Open up Configuration Editor as usual, go to panel > applets > applet_1 > prefs. Then follow the instructions in the original post. Note that you must remove the span tags in order for it to work in 8.10.

    Hope that helps!

  6. cainmark

    I had the problem when I copied and pasted the information, just seeing the tags. When I typed it out,however, it worked a charm.

    Should be the same, though. I don’t get the difference.

  7. AJ

    Also, the tags used in the custom field are the same as in PHP time.

  8. JBu92

    I am also on Ubutnu 8.1, and for those of y’all who’re still seeing the html tags- only certain ones work. works, works, works if you put a space between the %whatever and the

  9. JBu92

    wonderful, the html went through. they work, it’s just difficult. when you first type in the html, leave a space between the tags and the markup, then click OUT of it so it gets applied, then you can go back in and remove the spaces

  10. John

    I’m using ubuntu 8.10, and i cant seem to get rid of the zero in front of a single digit hour. like 08:30 instead of 8:30. i used %I:%M in the code. is there a way to cut that zero off or a different variable?

  11. T4L

    @John: right-click on the clock in the Panel, chose preferences > 12 hour format


  12. I’m with the commenters whose gconf-editor simply does not show the same items everyone else seems to have. Very frustrating!

    /*few minutes later*/

    Run gconf-editor as a regular user, not sudo. Then you won’t have that problem. I’ve finally got my time the way I want it. Oh joy. And curses on the Gnome devs who made it so insanely difficult.

  13. Guilherme - Milhouse

    %n for new line

  14. poisonborz

    it’s important to note that you must run gconf-editor *without sudo*, otherwise the desired values above will not appear.

  15. Calin

    Just to clear things up a bit: The time format displayed is used in the “date” command. for a reference you can always type “man date” in a terminal to see all the formatting options. Also, sudo will apply the changes for the root user and not to yours (obviously).


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