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Make that last command into a Linux script

You have been trying combinations to see which command line options best fit your needs, and you’ve finally found it. Now let’s make that into a script. You could revert to the last command using your Up key, copy the string, create a new file, paste the string, save the file. Or you could simply… Read More »

Leave no traces in your .bash_history file

If you wish to not leave traces of your CLI activity in the .bash_history file, you can exclude the logging of certain commands by appending a space character before them. For example, press the space bar before you type cat /etc/passwd: <space>cat /etc/passwd

Monitor your changed files in real-time in Linux

Everybody knows top or htop. Ever wished there was something similar but to monitor your files instead of CPU usage and processes? Well, there is.Run this: watch -d -n 2 ‘df; ls -FlAt;’ and you’ll get to spy on which files are getting written on your system. Every time a file gets modified it will… Read More »