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Record your Linux desktop from the command line

If you do not wish to install a dedicated application for recording your desktop, you can do it with this one-liner: ffmpeg -f x11grab -s wxga -r 25 -i :0.0 -sameq /home/user/out.mpg All you need is have ffmpeg already installed (and most systems do). Navigate to /home/user and you’ll find you MPEG video file there.

Linux and website design

So you want to develop your website using Linux and you?re not sure if you’ll find the right tools you might need. Don’t worry, this article will get you rolling in no time. There’s not such a large array of tools available for Linux website development, but the ones already here are doing a good… Read More »

Record Live Radio using only Mplayer

Did you know that you only need MPlayer to record a live radio station? Use mplayer http://ip:port/ -ao pcm:file=radio.wav  -vo null -vc null to dump a radio.wav file of the audio stream. You can later convert it to MP3 using LAME or Audacity.

Use MPlayer to record live streams from the Internet

All you need to record a live stream from the web is MPlayer. Use the -dumpstream argument to capture a MMS, ASF or Live WMV stream to a file called stream.dump. For example: mplayer -dumpstream mmsh:// will create a stream.dump file that you can later rename to my_recorded_stream.wmv.Note: this will not work with Flash-powered streams.