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Use MPlayer to record live streams from the Internet

All you need to record a live stream from the web is MPlayer. Use the -dumpstream argument to capture a MMS, ASF or Live WMV stream to a file called stream.dump.
For example:

mplayer -dumpstream mmsh://streamer3.carnation.hu/mtvonlinem2?MSWMExt=.asf

will create a stream.dump file that you can later rename to my_recorded_stream.wmv.
Note: this will not work with Flash-powered streams.

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  1. Eric

    Or you can also do mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile my_recorded_stream.wmv mmsh://streamer3.carnation.hu/mtvonlinem2?MSWMExt=.asf

    For flash streams you can use rtmpdump -> http://rtmpdump.mplayerhq.hu/

  2. Pavan

    Nic… I’m gonna try it !!


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