Convert CCD and IMG files to ISO in Linux

By | December 14, 2008

If you want to convert CCD and IMG files into a more common ISO image file, use ccd2iso:

ccd2iso image_file.img image_file.iso

7 thoughts on “Convert CCD and IMG files to ISO in Linux

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  2. Mario

    ccd2iso IS NOT WORKING IN UBUNTU 9.04
    “Unrecognized sector mode (0) at sector 0!”

    Any fix ?

  3. sabun


    Have you tried it on both the .img and .ccd?
    Normally one or the other will work.

    sabun@sabun-desktop:~$ccd2iso “theimage.img” “myimage.iso”

    or replace “theimage.img” with “theimage.ccd” .

    replace theimage with the name of the image you want to convert and replace myimage with any name you want.
    the double quotes are used so that if there are spaces in the name it can read the image filename still.

  4. johndoe32102002

    No, renaming the IMG file to CCD format extension did not fix the problem. The same error listed above occurs.

  5. nico

    johndoe, you’ll like have a corrupted and/or encrypred CCD image.


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