Convert BIN and CUE files to ISO in Linux

By | December 14, 2008

Converting a CUE file in ISO format has never been easier. Install bchunk:

bchunk file.bin file.cue file.iso

4 thoughts on “Convert BIN and CUE files to ISO in Linux

  1. Mihai

    what about iat? it is usable to convert many formats to iso.

    iat image.bin image.iso

    ps: btw, great site!

  2. Jamo

    This is such a nugget.. .i have no idea why this is not more widely known.
    Great… this is fantastic thannnks so so much

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  4. Bruno

    This hint dont work. bchunk file.cue file.bin file.iso generate a series of file.isoXX.cdr files!


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