USB devices not mounting in Lucid? Here’s a fix.

By | May 15, 2010

If you are pestered by the bug that doesn;t let you mount USB devices in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, the issue is caused by the floppy module. Disable it with

sudo modprobe -r floppy

and reboot.

13 thoughts on “USB devices not mounting in Lucid? Here’s a fix.

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  2. Daniel

    Damn it, didn’t work here. Only thing that seems to work is if I have the usb drive inserted while booting up.

  3. Joaquin

    Is there a specific bug report on Lauchpad that we can check out? USB used to just work for many releases, and now suddenly, only a few users seem to be having problems.

    It’s all very different now with all the automagic detection of udev and stuff.

  4. Joaquin

    This post concerns Ubuntu 10.04.

    Upon further testing, I did “lsmod | grep usb” to find that only “usbhid” and “hid” were loaded. Then, I checked with another user, and he had also “usb_storage”.

    So I issued “sudo modprobe usb_storage” and the kernel responded in a favorable way: “Initializing USB Mass Storage driver…”, “usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage”, “USB Mass Storage support registered.”

    Now, plugging in the USB flash drive works as it usually did; it mounted the device and there were no problems.

    It seems that in some cases the kernel doesn’t load the proper modules. So, at least in Ubuntu 10.04, make sure you have “hid”, “usbhid”, and “usb_storage” loaded. You can edit “/etc/modules” to make sure they are loaded at boot time.

    Remember that this may also change in the future. For instance, I remember that in previous version there where also other modules like “ehci_hcd”, “ohci_hcd”, or similar. Now, they are gone, and the kernel, hal, udev, etc. manage this stuff in a more automagic way.

  5. Chuck

    I just installed lucid on my laptop and when I inserted a usb flash drive nothing happens. I followed Joaquin’s advice by entering “lsmod | grep usb” and got nothing back. So before I start futzing around with modprobe etc. is there something basic that I am missing?

  6. twilightwolf90

    Interestingly enough, this problem has not been corrected in maverick beta. The solution works fine. Can we have an explanation of what is going on so I can post a launchpad report so the floppy module can be fixed?

    You can reach me @ if you need to.

  7. Kenneth

    I ‘ve been bouncing round the net chasing this bug. I have a Dell Latitude C840 and already had to fix the Nividia black screen problem by editing the xorg.conf file. The USB mounting problem started after I used my Lexar JumpDrive on a Windoze Netbook to download some sample xorg.conf files. Imeadiately after downloading the drive refused to mount this appeared to be fixed by renaming one of the conf files on the USB drive since I was able to successfully mount afterwards but after editing the xorg.conf file I have been unable mount this drive since. Running modprobe USB_storage appears to have fixed the problem and I have edited /etc/modules to ensure it is always loaded. I suspect windows vista did something to the “format” of the drive (FAT16) as I had no problem previously transfering files between win XP and Ubuntu 10.04. My $0,02

  8. gino

    I had just the same problem and the above solution didn’t work for me either!

    the only thing i could find was that ndiswrapper is causing the problem ( i use wireles usb – windows driver )

    if I dissabled it ( no internet :/ ) everything went fine: mounting any usb device and unmounting.

    can anybody else confirm this ndiswrapper problem?..

    Hope this helps!

  9. Todd H.

    Putting usb_storage in /etc/modules worked for me.

    As for the possible ndis issue, when you manually modprobe usb_storage, an ndis error comes up (?). But I have both ndis and usb_storage running together fine.

  10. John Koval

    I just used modprobe to add hid and usbhid,
    but still no luck with usb drive
    In dmesg, I get
    “failed to enumerate USB device”
    This only happens with two USB sticks (same menufacture)
    and my Nikon camera,
    but these devices mount fine on a similar computer with 10.04
    I have been working hard on trying to solve this problem for three days now

  11. castle49

    Just in case it helps to know, “sudo modprobe usb_storage” worked for me!

  12. Daniel

    When I try to run modprobe I get this and no action taken:

    “WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/usb-core-options, it will be ignored in a future release.”

    I added “usb_storage” in /etc/modules, which previously had only had “lp” in it. The USB bus still occasionally seems to stay asleep when I suspend my computer and re-awaken it.

    I am using Ubuntu 11.04. I usually wait a year before upgrading an OS due to bugs.

    Amazing that this wide-spread problem seems to persist!


  13. david

    Who writes all these “upgrades” and Better ways to sdo stuff any way. earlier versions of ubuntu ran fine. now there are usb enumeration probs, wireless probs, grub probs, video res probs, xorg probs and its not just a matter of a config files. config is “AuToMatic” (My ass.) so if it dont find something at boot you cant hardly figure out how to fix it or get it to enumerate cause every other release has the configs in a different file or format. what a pain inthe ass.
    lsusb doesnt run hp-setup doesnt run hplib wont install the qt/qt4 support and wont tell me even what it is. installs and makes for them dont run. %#^@%$^&@ where can i get software that isnt dependent on abunch of others code to run and just runs???


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