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Triple your audio volume in MPlayer

Some videos you download might not have such a high audio volume, even with alsamixer set to 100%. There’s a trick for this. Start your video with

mplayer -softvol -softvol-max 300 video_file.avi

to boost your volume 300%. Substitute 300 with any number ranging from 10 to 10000. Be careful not to break your speakers.

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  1. Rexedead

    + mplayer some.avi -aop volume:volume=300

  2. T4L

    Thanks, I didn’t know about that one.

  3. Rexedead

    Thanks YOU for this great blog!
    more fitch for mplayer+mencoder(sudo apt-get install mencoder):

    stretch to vertical(-y) or horisontal(-x)
    mplayer some.avi -y 380

    run with aspect ratio 4:3 +alsa output +volume
    mplayer -aspect 4:3 -ao alsa -af volume=10 *.avi

    files with space
    mplayer /mnt/H/this\ file\ with\ spce.avi

    cut fragment fast
    mencoder -ss start(in sec) -endpos time for records(in sec) -ovc copy -oac copy input.avi -o output.avi


  4. files with space
    mplayer "/mnt/H/this file with spce.avi"

    Much easier.


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