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View Image File Metadata From the Command Line

Did you know you can access all the information store in a JPG/PNG/GIF file from the command line? Install the ImageMagick package and do this: identify -verbose image_file.jpg The output will be something llike this: Image: image_file.jpg  Format: JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format)  Class: DirectClass  Geometry: 640×480+0+0  Type: TrueColor  Endianess: Undefined  Colorspace: RGB … Read More »

Copy images in Linux from the iPhone’s pictures folder

Linux applications do not yet support the newest 2.x Apple firmware for the iPhone and iPod Touch. But if you want to copy images from the Pictures folder, all you need is SSH installed on the device: scp root@*.PNG ~/Desktop/ This will copy all images from an iPhone that has the static IP directly… Read More »

Chain renaming files in Linux

To quickly rename a large number of files in Linux using the command line, use rename. rename ‘s/\.jpg$/.gif/’ *.jpg will transform all the extensions of JPEG files into GIF.