Quickly create a video presentation of your Linux desktop

By | December 9, 2008

Linux users enjoy various sets of tools that allow one to record the active desktop. From GUI applications to command line scripts. A simple way is to use just vncserver:

vncserver -geometry 800×600

Open another Terminal window an type

vncrec -record desktop.vncrec

to start recording. Connect to localhost:1 when asked. Hit the F8 key when you are done recording and click stop from the menu that will appear. Now convert the desktop.vncrec file into an avi file using transcode:

transcode -i desktop.vncrec -x vnc -z -y xvid -g 1024×768 -o recording.avi -w 64

7 thoughts on “Quickly create a video presentation of your Linux desktop

  1. Matt

    I need to record with audio, so I’m looking at recordmydesktop, which works well but the video seems a little washed out.

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  3. JohnMc


    do your video capture as described. Trust me, trying to do a choreographed voice and video is a waste of time. Do you audo post production. Install the video editing software ‘Lives’. Its probably in your linux repositories. Load up the file in Lives then do a seperate audio track synced to the video presentation. Merge the two and you are done.

  4. Paul Slusar

    I use RecordMyDesktop (records both audio and video) it uses .ogg for output. Another tool I use (much more advanced) is Cinellera. It also records audio and video in wide variety of formats.


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