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Mount Windows shares like normal drives in Linux

If you want to have access to Windows shares and mount them like normal drives in Linux, use the smbmount command: smbmount “\\\\WINDOWS\\c” -c ‘mount /mount/Windows’ -I where “\\\\WINDOWS\\c” is the name of the share and /mount/Windows is the destination point. You need the Samba package installed for this as it contains the smbmount… Read More »

Speed up Samba network access

Dropt these lines into your smb.conf file to speed up Samba access. Find the Global area section and paste them underneath: read size = 65536 read prediction = true socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192 Depending on your network card and configuration, this should speed up your LAN transfers at least tenfold.

Accessing Samba shares through SSH

In Linux, you can access Samba shares by using a SSH prompt. We need a host PC ( and a destination PC ( We’ll use jack as a username but first we’ll create a new mount directory: mkdir -p /samba/share Now we connect to it: ssh -N -L 139: jack@ jack@ Now we do a… Read More »