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Search from the Linux command line

You can search from the Linux command line without using a CLI web browser like lynx or Elinks. All you need is the curl and html2text packages installed. Then you issue the following command: curl -A Mozilla |html2text -width 80 where you can replace Linux with another keyword of your choice. The results… Read More »

Find out what RAM type you have in Linux

To check what RAM memory type yo have installed (and also see other useful information about your system), do a sudo dmidecode Depending on the version of dmidecode you have installed and the hardware configuration you have, each hardware device will have a certain type number assigned t it. On my machine, the RAM has… Read More »

Make MPlayer use the correct encoding for Romanian and Greek subtitles

Open up GMPlayer (or another MPlayer GUI) right-click on it, go to Preferences, click on the Font tab and from the Encoding list chose Slavic/Central European Languages (ISO-8859-2) for Romanian subtitles. Use Modern Greek (ISO-8859-7) for Greek subtitles. Be sure to also pick a font that contains the specific diacritic character sets (Verdana and Arial… Read More »

Shrink DVD images in Linux

Let’s say you have an 8GB DVD ISO file and you want to shrink it to a more acceptable 4GB ISO file. You can use K9Copy‘s Shrink Factor feature. Just extract the DVD files into a separate folder, load that folder in K9Copy (by using the Input Device‘s Open button), select ISO image as the… Read More »