Is Linux better than Windows web hosting?

By | April 28, 2010

People often get confused on which OS is better on getting the best performance or what’s best suited for a website. And this question is often debatable since it usually depends on what programs or scripting language you are planning to run on your website. But we still can’t deny the fact that Linux is the more popular choice of many on the web. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s cheaper but still reliable and runs great. Plus, if you’re using scripts such as PHP, MySQL or Perl, then Linux hosting is usually the best way to go in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness. Though, if you’re planning to use ASP, most people would opt for windows hosting. Also, both Linux and Windows offer FTP access but usually only Linux offer ssh or telnet access.

Those are only a few factors to weigh on when deciding which ones better for your own website. And sometimes, it’s just a matter of what you prefer to use since you still have to decide on which web hosting provider to go with. Even if you have the perfect OS, if your web hosting provider is not reliable enough, then your website can still end up with a lot of issues. That’s why choosing the right web host for your site is important.

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