Display the current directory as a webpage in Linux

Do you want to quickly serve a directory to your friends over the web or LAN? There are plenty of applications out there that let you do this, but in Linux all you really need is Python installed.Do a python -m SimpleHTTPServer in the directory you wish to share, then access in your browser.

Linux and website design

So you want to develop your website using Linux and you?re not sure if you’ll find the right tools you might need. Don’t worry, this article will get you rolling in no time. There’s not such a large array of tools available for Linux website development, but the ones already here are doing a good… Read More »

Take a screenshot of a remote desktop in Linux

If you want to take a screenshot of a remote Linux desktop, all you need is to change the command below to match the remote desktop you wish to take a screenshot of: DISPLAY=”:0.0″ import -window root screenshot.png