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Quickly install a server in Ubuntu

It doesn’t get easier than this. Open up a terminal in Ubuntu and type sudo tasksel An ncurses screen will then allow you not only to install a LAMP server in three moves but also select a Samba, Tomcat Java server, OpenSSH, VM host server, DNS server or one of the existing Ubuntu spring-offs.

Spy on your users through SSH

You just connected through SSH and are wondering what your users are doing. Do a cat /dev/vcs1 and this will show you what happens on the first console. If someone is typing, you’ll be able to get an output of his keystrokes. Substitute cat /dev/vcs1 with cat /dev/vcs2 or cat /dev/vcs3 and so on for… Read More »

IPTABLES – blocking IPs simplified

You can block an IP from IPTABLES by using iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP You can simplify things a little bit by using a shell script and a predefined text file containing the IPs we want to be blocked. Either create a new file or add the following at the end of the… Read More »

Hide yourself while web browsing

You don’t want your administrator to find out which sites you have been visiting lately. Use SSH for a secure connection. Create a local proxy to run on port 8000: ssh -C -D 8000 -p 443 aft which you can configure your web browser to make connections with the loopback interface through the TCP… Read More »