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Enable Flash support in Google Chrome for Linux

If you want to have Flash support in Google Crome, the Linux version, you can enable it like this:Make a plugins directory in the Google Chrome folder sudo mkdir /opt/google/chrome/pluginscd to it cd /opt/google/chrome/pluginsmake a link from Firefox’s Flash Player plugin into the newly created folder sudo ln -s ~/.mozilla/plugins/ Now launch the browser with… Read More »

Make MPlayer play h264 video files faster on multicore machines

You can make MPlayer play h264-encoded video files a lot faster on multicore machines if you graft some libraries from the ffmpeg-mt project into the resulting mplayer binary. We need to recompile for this. First, use Subversion to download the code for MPlayer: svn co svn:// mplayer Then the code for ff-mpeg svn co svn://… Read More »

GNOME thumbnails garbled in Nautilus? Fix them.

If by chance your GNOME files are displaying thumbnails that you know aren’t part of the video file or picture they’re supposed to represent, or if Nautilus is showing both thumbnails and icons for the same type of file, you might solve the problem by deleting the /home/username/.thumbnails directory and letting GNOME recreate it at… Read More »

Disable automount for removable devices in Ubuntu

Say you want to disable the automounting feature of Ubuntu. You can press Alt+F2 and type polkit-gnome-authorization. Press Enter and in the new window that appears go to Storage > Mount file systems from removable drivers. Press Edit. Select Active Console: Authentication. Press the Modify button. Alternatively, if you only want to disable the Nautilus… Read More »