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Find out what RAM type you have in Linux

To check what RAM memory type yo have installed (and also see other useful information about your system), do a sudo dmidecode Depending on the version of dmidecode you have installed and the hardware configuration you have, each hardware device will have a certain type number assigned t it. On my machine, the RAM has… Read More »

Squeeze out information about your hardware

There are a lot of ways to find out information about your hardware in Linux. From the simplest free or lspci to a more detailed information like the one the follows.Open up a console and type sudo dmidecode | more You’ll get specifics on the motherboards serial number, chassis manufacturer and other useful stuff like… Read More »

Make the lights of your NIC blink

If you work on a large network and you get sent to the server room to check out a certain network card, you might get lost in the multitude of network hardware. To find your certain NIC, SSH to the machine in question and do a sudo ethtool -o eth0 The lights of the network card should start… Read More »

Check your laptop battery in Linux

If you run Linux off a laptop, you might want to check your battery status alt least once a year: grep -F capacity: /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info This will output something like design capacity:         7800 mAhlast full capacity:      6414 mAh