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Use MPlayer to record live streams from the Internet

All you need to record a live stream from the web is MPlayer. Use the -dumpstream argument to capture a MMS, ASF or Live WMV stream to a file called stream.dump. For example: mplayer -dumpstream mmsh:// will create a stream.dump file that you can later rename to my_recorded_stream.wmv.Note: this will not work with Flash-powered streams.

Fix Linux Kernel 2.6.32 and VMWare Workstation 7 issue

After you upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid, you might have noticed that VMWare has stopped working and can’t compile one of it’s modules. The solution to this is simple: download this patch and this script in the same directory. Make the script executable with chmod +x and run it with ./ Answer with “Y” to… Read More »

Install older .RUN and .BIN archives in Linux

When running older .RUN and .BIN archives in Linux, you might get the following (or a similar) error: Verifying archive integrity…tail: cannot open `+6′ for reading: No such file or directoryError in check sums 1237260170 2341625838The solution is to make the installer believe it’s being run on an older version of GNU/Linux. Open a Terminal… Read More »